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film reelReel Life Wisdom is for inspiration-seeking movie quote lovers. It features the popular Movie Quote Directory, a collection of over 5,000 hand-picked quotes from films across the ages. Site users can search for great quotes by movie title, actor, and/or year.

The Reel Life Blog combines content from the movies with the author's perspectives to provoke thoughts about the human condition. The blog also features the most visited aspect of the site - our entertaining Quote Lists. Reel Life Wisdom provides a regular supply of quality quotes to support people proactively self-managing their life.

The site pictures you as the director and star of your life's movie. Your role is to make your movie legendary. From your director's chair, you must focus on three key components to create a great film: your character (self), your story (life), and your supporting cast (love).

SELF: Define Your Character
- You are more than you know yourself to be. Actively seek experiences that help you to discover and develop your character. Whenever possible, choose the more challenging path. It will make your character more interesting.
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LIFE: Build Your Story - Great movies are great stories with characters immersed in the full flow of life. Plot twists, action sequences, beautiful scenery, dramatic events, inspiring experiences – they can all be aspects of your film if you choose to make them so.
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LOVE: Connect to Your Supporting Cast - The best films are enhanced by a cast of charismatic characters. Take time to connect meaningfully to your supporting cast. Your film will be more delightful when filled with family and friends.
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There are more things to do and more people to meet than you can experience in the remainder of your film. So, as the director, you must make choices. Use the time you have left in your life's movie to connect who you are (character), to what you do (story) and who you love (supporting cast).

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