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The 7 Best Movie Quotes About Astrology

Oda Mae BrownYou’d think there would be more movies focused on an astrological theme.  Beyond the 2007 thriller Zodiac, there are few films that reference the art of celestial psychometry.  A few titles contain astrological references, like Scorpio, Gemini Man, and Capricorn One.  After a calculated search, we now share with you our seven favorite astrology quotes.

The 12 Best Movie Quotes for a Wedding Speech

wedding speaker IIWeddings have been a staple for movie stories since films began to talk.  From The Wedding Night in 1935, through Father of the Bride, The African Queen, The Graduate, Fiddler on the Roof, Shrek, The Wedding Crashers, and The Proposal and Bride Wars in 2009, weddings have provided the setting for Hollywood screenplays.  Movies also provide a great source of useful quotes for those who have to make a speech at a friend or family member's after-party.  Here are the 12 best movie quotes to use in a wedding speech.

Reel Life Wisdom's 500,000th Visitor

reel life chair IIAccording to SiteMeter, Reel Life Wisdom received its 500,000th unique visitor today.  It was a person from Saint Clare Shores, Michigan who typed "great movie quotes about life" into Google and found Reel Life.  That 500,000th visitor clicked on 141 pages over a 44 minute time period.  This is much higher than our 5 page views per visit average.  SiteMeter data indicates that, in the last 30 days, we have averaged about 1,000 unique visitors per day.  Not bad for a microniche web site dedicated to "serving inspiration-seeking movie quote lovers worldwide."  Thanks for visiting Reel Life!

The 10 Best Film Quotes About Rock 'n Roll

Spinal Tap"...It's got a backbeat you can't lose it..."  Movie makers have tried to capitalize on the rock phenomenon since Bill Haley and the Comets starred in Rock Around the Clock, a film completely inspired by the popularity of the song-of-the-same-name.  Ironically, the song was popularized in the 1955 film, Blackboard Jungle.  In celebration of the 25th anniversary of This is Spinal Tap, the classic faux rockumentary of all time, here are the 10 best film quotes about rock and roll.

The 10 Best Movie Quotes About Golf

CaddyshackJust as your golf opponent is squaring up to make the 8-foot putt that wins the hole, you might start talking about your favorite golf-related movie quote. “I’ll never forget Ty Webb’s advice in Caddyshack,” you could say, “Be the ball.”  That will probably help make the hole a little smaller and further away. Whether you're quoting from Tin Cup or The Legend of Bagger Vance, here are the ten best movie quotes about the great game of golf.

The 12 Best Movie Quotes About Dancing

FlashdanceThe first film I saw about dancing was Flashdance.  It made me want to become a welder.  The key scene, where Jennifer Beals performs in front of the puffy judges, remains one of my favorites from film.  Dance films became all the rage after that, featuring such gems as Dirty Dancing, Footloose, and Dance with Me, each modern day reflections of dance flicks from the early days of film.  Here are the 12 best movie quotes about the fine art of dancing.

The 10 Best Movie Quotes to Twitter

twitter bikerI’m twittering this Reel Life blog post right now.  I wrote that first sentence in just 50 characters, far below the 140 characters I am allowed in any given digital mini-message.  Oh, by the way, I'm still writing this blog post.  Perhaps these millions of daily 'tweets' are due for some quotes from classic films.  It’s time for tweeting twitterlings to start sending movie quote messages to their followers.  Listed below are 10 movie quotes that use less than 140 characters (including the quotation marks!).  Hey Twitter pals, I'm just about finished writing a blog post.  Tweet me like a fool. 

The 10 Best Performances by an Actor in 2008

Heath LedgerAlthough this was not an epic year for great movies, there were many outstanding acting performances from men in leading and supporting roles.  However, no performance compares to Heath Ledger's purely evil characterization of The Joker.  Ledger's villain dominated The Dark Knight like few characters have in the history of film.  For his performance, and those of other great actors, Reel Life recognizes the following men for their outstanding performances in 2008.

The 10 Best Performances by an Actress in 2008

penelope cruzAn increasing number of screenplays feature female characters with more to offer than a concern about love and men.  As a result, 2008 provided some excellent choices for quality acting by two-X chromosome performers.  Forget Sex and the City.  Look instead to Frozen River, Vicki Cristina Barcelona, Happy-Go-Lucky, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and other similar films featuring females in the leads.  Congratulations to these actresses, who are Reel Life Wisdom's selections for the top ten female acting performances from the films of 2008. 

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