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Inspiring Weblinks

These are inspirational websites we like.

Academy of Achievement - Videos and quotes from people with life changing achievements.
- great video for helping young people see potential.
Barvin - "Your online magazine for better living."
- inspirational quotes, stories and movie suggestions.
Bright Quotes - lots of inspiring quotes sorted into useful categories.
Derek Felton Blog - thoughtful prespectives about Purpose, Passion and Attitude.
Facing the Giants Clip (YouTube) - incredible film clip about the power of persistence.
Inspiration Peak - Inspiring quotes, stories, and poems updated daily.
The Positivity Blog - inspiring quotes and perspectives.
The Race - flash movie about the importance of persistence.
Randy Pausch's Last Lecture - an inspiring perspective from a dying man.
Sense of Self - great video about identity and its development.
TED - the best website out here for inspirational presentations.
Tom - blog dedicated to inspiring and motivating others to success.