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“You shouldn’t believe what I say when I’m with the rest of the kids.  Nobody acts sincere.”
"A jester unemployed is nobody's fool."

"Clothes are the enemy.  Without clothes, there would be no sickness, there'd be no war.  I ask you, sir, can you imagine two great armies on the battlefield, no uniforms, completely nude? No way of telling friend from foe, all brothers together"
"You shouldn't believe what I say when I'm with the rest of the kids.  Nobody acts sincere."
“I’m a strong tree with branches for many birds.  I’m good for something in this old world and I know it too.”
“I believe a man is as big as what he is seeking.”
“To direct a picture, a man needs humility.  Do you have humility?”
“No man is useless so long as he’s got a friend.”
“I’m sick and tired of being a lousy spectator.”
“Money handles most people.”
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