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“Wherever there is greatness, great government or power, even great feeling or compassion, error also is great.  We progress and mature by fault.”
“His life was his occupation.”
“Forgiveness is greater and love more powerful than hatred.”
“We constructed our days.  We would carve each day like a piece of sculpture.  We left behind us a trail of days like a gallery of sculptures.”
"Aren't we always more interested in something that concerns us personally?"
“You have the spirit to fight back but the good sense to control it.”
“There are many paths to God, my son.  I hope yours will not be too difficult.”
“Nature is not created in the image of man’s compassion.”
“It’s an insane world but in it there is one sanity, the loyalty of old friends.”

“If one purpose fails, it is good to have another.”
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