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“Dear Lillian, soon I hope to take you on a Caribbean cruise, where we can hold hands on a soft summer's evening and watch that old Jamaican moon. Why that old Jamaican will be mooning us, I have no idea.”
“I am not just me.  I am also the job.”
“I lived in the lap of luxury but I was blind.  That’s fatal for a storyteller.”
“Little beat big when little smart.  First with the head then with the heart.”
“Desperation - it's the world's worst cologne.”
“A man curses because he doesn't have the words to say what's on his mind.”
“You can’t hurry things any more than you can stop them.”
“If you want to understand me, watch my movies.”
“It lacked certain elements we need to market a film successfully – suspense, laughter, violence, hope, heart, nudity, sex, happy endings.  Mainly happy endings.”
“I have to wonder if you people realize the level of responsibility you carry.  From my way of thinking, motion pictures are potentially the most influential form of communication ever invented.  And there’s no control over it.  Your message reaches everyone, everywhere.”
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