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“Please don't have a nice day. Have a day that matters. Have a day that's true. Have a day that's direct. Have a day that's honest. A nice day, you'll be miserable….. Have a day that means something.”
“Go make something of yourself.”
“A man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?”
“Sometimes, patience is the key to victory.”

“She puts the bitch in obituary.”

“May you enjoy every minute of every moment you have.”

“We’re all just looking out for something real.”

“Life is a big adventure.  You just need to open up and enjoy it.”

“Sarcasm – the wit of the witless.”

“Our legacy isn’t what we write on our resume or how many commas we have in our bank account. It’s who we’re lucky enough to have in our lives.”
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