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Clive Owen

"This thing that you're struggling with, this strangeness, it's fear.  Don't hate it.  Lean into it, embrace it, then overcome it."
"Honor is something that all men are born with.  It cannot be taken from you nor can it be granted.  It must only not be lost."
"Only time will tell how we are remembered."
"Oh, I get it.  You're being aloof.  No that's fine, we need loofs."
"Each artist makes the world his or her own and in doing so, elevates it.  And in doing that, it elevates us and gives us a larger view."
"Art is the most intense mode of individualism the world has ever known."
"We're teaching in the era of the undead."
“Death frees the beast.”
“There’s nothing to writing.  All you do is sit down at your typewriter and bleed.”
“The most important thing for a writer is to tell a good story.”
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