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communicationIt is wise to communicate with others. Every person you meet is an encyclopedia of places you’ve never been, perspectives you’ve never heard, ideas you’ve never had, interests you’ve never known, and opinions you’ve not experienced.  Take time to listen to what others have to say. 

Here are a variety of movie quotes about communication between people.

"You know what secrets want? They want out. That's why they're so hard to keep."
"If they can't understand you, then they're not listening."
"Sometimes when people lie, they tend to over-explain."
"The less you talk, the more things you hear."
"Nobody is as deaf as those who don't want to listen."
"Sometimes a lie is a gift, an act of love."
"If you could use your voice to speak for yourself, what would you say?"
"Turn off your brain and let your heart do the talking."
"The only thing worse than awkward silence is small talk."

“Sarcasm – the wit of the witless.”

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