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decision-makingSome people believe there is a 'right' decision for their life. Others make sure the path they choose is the best it can be. Whatever you believe, it is important to take charge of the decisions in your life. No value is gained by sitting on the fence.

Here's a collection of movie quotes about making a decision.

"The only thing worse than being incompetent or being unkind or being evil is being indecisive."
"You turn left where I turn right and you'll be okay."
"What you will do, do quickly."
"Every path you take leads to a choice.  Choices can change everything."
"You can't get so hung up on where you'd rather be that you forget to make the most of where you are."
"The future isn't just something that happens.  It is a brutal force with a great sense of humor that'll steamroll you if you're not watching."
"Every day I say, "Where am I going to go next and how am I going to get there?"
"Sometimes you have to just make the choice and jump."
"The only way I know how to fix my past is by taking control of my future."
"In every moment there's a possibility of a better future, but you people won't believe it. And because you won't believe it you won't do what is necessary to make it a reality."
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