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"Start judging people not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."
"It's such a privilege to be able to experience another person's culture."
“Don’t spit your hate for all when you don’t even know one.”
"Every man is a man. If you walk on two legs, you're a man. It's as simple as that."
"Birds sing only to their own kind."
"Let's not demonize people we don't really know."
“A stereotype is an archetype with no sense of fashion.”
"When you get upset or when you get mad, you turn red right? When you get envious or sick, you turn green. When you become cowardly, you turn yellow. And you've got the nerve to call us colored?"
“With fisherman, I have noticed, they don’t care whether I am brown or white, rich or poor, wearing robes or waders.  All they care about is the fish, the river and the game we play.”
“I'm like my mother, I stereotype. It's faster.”
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