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familyYour supporting cast is made up of family and friends. A family’s role is to love you without condition, remind you of the ways of the culture, and support your quest for an independent life. Families can be born or made. We each need a family of people whose foundation gives us ground to construct a life of our choosing.

Here's are some of Hollywood's thoughts about family.

"You are a product of all who came before you, the legacy of your family."
"Families can be hard but they're so worth fighting for. They're one of the only things that are."
"Home ain't a place, dummy. It's fam, aight? You got fam here."
"Home - is it just a word? Or is it something that you carry with you?"
"Your children don't need you to be perfect.  They just need you to believe in them.'
"The very best journey, my friend, is the one that leads home."
"I have always felt held by a family, a real family, which everyone deserves."
"Kids - they give us a chance to be better than we are."
"It's not easy being a mother.  If it was, fathers would do it."
"A man who has children gives hostages to fortune."
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