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Henry Fonda

“How can you trust a man who wears both a belt and suspenders? The man can't even trust his own pants.”
“This is exactly the sort of thing I went into politics to stop.  All this business of gossip instead of issues, personality instead of policy.”
“The fires of autumn burn notoriously low.”
“I’d do anything to save my marriage but I just haven’t got the time.”
“Wherever you run into it, prejudice always obscures the truth.”
“The unseen enemy of this war is the boredom that eventually becomes a faith and then a terrible sort of suicide.  The ones who refuse to surrender to it are the strongest of all.”
“I’m sick and tired of being a lousy spectator.”
“Law is a lot more than words you put in a book, or judges or lawyers or sheriffs you hire to carry it out. It's everything people ever have found out about justice and what's right and wrong. It's the very conscience of humanity. There can't be any such thing as civilization unless people have a conscience.”
“What is anybody's conscience except a little piece of the conscience of all men that ever lived?”
“A fella ain't got a soul of his own, just a little piece of a big soul, the one big soul that belongs to everybody.”
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