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“When it comes to love, we are all in the dark.”
“Love is the answer, isn't it?   But sex raises a lot of very interesting questions.”
“Consider the implications if every single living thing is different than every other living thing.  Then diversity becomes life’s one irreducible fact.  Only variations are real.  To see them, you simply have to open your eyes.”
“There are enough scientists in the world, son.  Engineers are what society needs now.”
“Being in the outdoors taught me to rely on my own judgment.”
“Let’s not forget the most scandalous invention of all – the talon slide fastener, otherwise known as ‘the zipper’, which provides every man and boy with speedy access to moral oblivion.”
“I started to learn about things by grasping them, tasting them, looking at them.”
“Look at any movie – the villain is always the one with the moustache.”
“I never got over the excitement of escaping into the wild.”
“I find liquor is an essential tool for social lubrication.”
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