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Lust for Life

“We always assume there’s time and that we can give love on our own terms.  Then one day we wake up and find it’s too late to give it on any term.”
“Before you can move people, you’ll first have to learn your business.  It needs skill as well as heart.”
“All we’ve got is what we can give each other.”
“If I am to be anything as a painter, I’ve got to break through the iron wall between what I can feel and what I can express.”
"When you paint from nature, don't fix your eye on any one spot.  Take in everything at once."
"When you look back on life, so much of life is wasted on loneliness.  There's not one of us that doesn't need friends."
"Blessed is the man who has found his work."
"We artists have to be selfish, you know.  We have to save ourselves.  After all, with each painting we die a little."
"There are some things that can't be controlled by wishes.  Love is one of them."
"All we've got is what we can give to each other."
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