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“Love and trust.  That’s what makes a marriage great.”
“Good marriages are made in heaven, or some such place.”
“I’d do anything to save my marriage but I just haven’t got the time.”
"The glory of a good marriage don't come at the beginning. It comes later on."
"That's how it is when a bloke's married – he can't call his soul his own."
"Pay a woman a compliment, she tries to turn it into a contract."
“Bad table manners, my dear Gigi, have broken up more households than infidelity.”
“Instead of getting married at once, it sometimes happens we get married at last.”
“I want a guy I can look up to and admire.  But I don’t want him to browbeat me.  I want a guy who’ll be sweet with me but I don’t want him to baby me either.  I just want to feel that whoever I marry has some real regard for me, aside from all that lovin’ stuff.”
“Modern marriage.  Once it was ‘See somebody, get excited, get married’.  Now it’s ‘Read a lot of books, fence with a lot of four syllable words and psychoanalyze each other until you can’t tell the difference between a petting party and a civil service exam.”
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