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Maturity and Aging

“When you get older, there isn’t a lot left to be frightened of.”
“Old folk with fresh minds are stimulating.”
“The fires of autumn burn notoriously low.”
"The older population are leading this generation to a galloping ruin."
“They say that age kills the fire inside of a man, that he hears Death coming, he opens the door and says, “Come in, give me rest!”  That is a pack of goddam lies.”
“You want a bit of life before it’s all over.  It takes all the guilt away.”
“She never sets foot out of her apartment or her past.”
“People like to do what they used to do after they’ve stopped being able to do it.”
“You’re never too old to be young, and never too young to be old.”
“Middle age, my boy.  No memory at all.”
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