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Of Human Bondage (1946)

“Everyone suffers from some defect of body or mind.”
“If you want men to behave well to you, you must be beastly to them.  If you treat them decently, they will make you suffer for it.”
“The moment you meet a man, he’s either a gentleman in every sense of the word, or he’s not.”
“I would be willing to live in poverty if I could produce anything worthwhile.”
“I get a bit panic-stricken sometimes when I think about the future.”
“Can there be a greater torture in the world than to love and at the same time to condemn?”
“Women are never at ease when they have ideas.”
“The only reasonable thing you can do is to accept the good in men and be patient with their faults.”
“I’ve longed and waited for a passion to sweep me off my feet.”
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