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Our Town

"It seems to me, once in your life, before you die, you ought to see a country where they don't speak any English and they don't even want to."
"A man looks mighty small at a wedding."
"You've got to love life to have life and you've got to have life to love life."
"The happiest days are the hardest to relive."
"All those important things – mother and daughter, husband and wife, enemy and enemy, money and miser, all those terribly important things, the earth part kinda burns away, burns out.  And what's left when memory's gone and your identity, Mrs. Smith?  Something eternal.  We all know down in our bones that something is eternal and that something has to do with human beings."
"Everybody has a right to their own troubles."
"Never ask advice of anybody on personal matters."
"Music come into the world to give pleasure."
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