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The Big Chill

“Amazing tradition. They throw a great party for you on the one day they know you can't come.”
“The thing about kids is they are instant priorities.  You know you have to protect them and provide for them and sometimes that means your life isn’t exactly how you’d want it to be.”
“Nobody thinks they’re a bad person.  I’m not even claiming that people always think they are doing the right thing.  They may know they are doing something dishonest or insensitive or manipulative, but they always think there is a good reason for doing it.  They almost always that it will turn out for the best in the end, even if it just turns out the best for them.”
“Can I have your autograph, whoever you are?
“You never know why anybody does anything.  I don’t know why I chose these socks this morning.”
“We finally consummated this ancient lurking passion and all it did is put up a wall in our friendship.”
“Neither time nor distance can break the bonds that we feel.”
“We weren’t condusive.  We’d get together and hyper ourselves into a frenzy.”
“It’s a cold world out there and sometimes I feel a little frosty myself.”
“I’m just drunk and therefore brave.”
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