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The Devil and Miss Jones

“Scientists can write all the books they like about love being a trap of nature, that it’s the biology and the chemistry inside a woman that fools her.  But all the scientists are going to convince are other scientists, not women in love.”
“It doesn’t make any difference how many people you talk to in a day, if you haven’t that someone that really cares for you, you’re all alone.”
“You’re one person against the world unless you have someone.  Then it’s only half as hard.  At least you’re two against the world.”
“I don’t see how a woman can marry a man with money.  She’d always fear that maybe she’d married him not for what he was but for what he had.”
“I don’t care how small the right is you try to take away from me, I’ll fight for it.”
“Two people look at each other and they see something way deep inside that nobody else can.”
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