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The Snows of Kilimanjaro

“The world is a market in which you buy what you want, not just with money but with your time.  It’s an exchange - you give something and you get something.”
“The excitement, call it courage. The way he feels, it is a man's feeling, natural in a man.  It grows in a man and makes him a man. Not particularly to his credit if he has it but something lacking if he hasn't. A woman shows her courage in other ways.”
“It’s a writer’s business to buzz around, to find out about things for himself.”
“It’s when you run away that you’re most liable to stumble.”
“How can I help you if you won’t help yourself?”
“Anything’s fair in the pursuit of happiness.”
“I’ll tell you the only right approach to real writing.  It’s like a hunt.  It’s a hunt in which a man pits his brains against against the forces of ignorance and evil.  It’s a lifelong lonely safari.  The prey he seeks is a truth worth telling.”
“There was I - weak and needy, and there was he - strong and confident.  Every bit of me said, ‘This is all of it’.”
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