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Trevor Howard

“Don't nurse your dreams, Rosy. You can't help having them, but don't nurse them. If you nurse your dreams, they tend to come true.”
“The stars can change in their courses, the universe go up in flames, and the world crash around us, but there will always be Donald Duck.”
“All good doctors must primarily be enthusiasts.  They must, like writers and painters and priests, have a sense of vocation, a deep-rooted, unsentimental desire to do good.”
“Most good doctors, especially when they are young, have private dreams.  That’s the best part of them.”
“There should be a society for the prevention of cruelty to musical instruments.”
“Preventative medicine hasn’t anything to do with medicine at all.  It’s concerned with conditions – living conditions, hygiene, and common sense.”
“One way of preventing disease is worth fifty ways of curing it.”
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