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Vision and Dreams

vision and dreamsNo one ever stumbled on to anything great while they were standing still. You have got to move. The pursuit of dreams inspires personal growth and development. Never stop defining your vision of what life could be.

Here are a variety of quotes from film about vision and dreams.

"Dreams are messages from the deep."
"Dreams make good stories but everything important happens when we're awake."
"You're only as small as your dreams."
"Dreams are the seeds of action."

“Teach him to dream, to seek the unknown. To look for what is beautiful is its own reward.”

"If you don't like where you are, just picture where you want to be."
"Look beyond the world in front of you."
"He was like a man who stands upon a hill above the town he had left, yet does not say 'The town is near,' but turns his eyes upon the distant soaring ranges.”
"The dreams a man dreams become smaller with time."
"Nobody wants to be where we are.  We all want to be in a fantasy."
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