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"You're the first woman I've ever met who said yes when she meant yes."
"Well, Pa, a woman can change better than a man.  A man lives sort of, well, in jerks. Baby's born or somebody dies and that's a jerk.  He gets a farm or loses it and that's a jerk.  With a woman, it's all in one flow like a stream, little eddies and waterfalls. But the river, it goes right on. Woman looks at it that way."
“Did you ever win a bet on what a woman might do?”
"Somebody once called fidelity a fading woman's greatest weapon and a charming woman's greatest hypocrisy."
“Every woman thinks herself the best wife for every other wife's husband.”
“I don't know much about women. I've been married for 28 years, you know.”
“God made her a woman, love made her a mother.”
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