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youthYouth is both an age and a state of mind. The young of age offer a continuous supply of fresh new world perspectives. Older people who have sustained their openness and wide-eyed wonder retain a youthful vitality that sustains them. Within every person resides a young person waiting to play.

Here is how movie quotes have portrayed the concept of youth.

"Once you grow up, you can never go back."
"There's just no middle ground with these kids - everything is so extreme."
"Young people are disappointing.  I find they become tolerable around 35."
"We get into things when we're young because we think they mean something."
"You seek resolutions and explanations because you're young."
"They're six years old.  They should always be having fun."
"Life will have given me the truth and taken in exchange what's left of my youth."
"The things that happen when you're young seem so important because they're happening to you for the first time."
"Stay a child while you can be a child."
"Young people integrate complex data more easily than adults."
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