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Teacher/Parent Tools

octoberMovies are stories about life. Teachers and parents can use movie quotes to generate meaningful conversations with kids. Designed for family discussions but useful in the classroom, the Reel Life Parenting PDF provides parents and educators with tools for discussing key topics in self-management. Twelve discussion pages are included in this educational resource.

The Reel Life Parenting PDF includes 12 discussion pages for the following topics:

  • Identity - using a movie quote from Batman Begins
  • Identity and Image - quote from The Talented Mr. Ripley
  • Potential - quote from Spiderman
  • Hope - quote from Cast Away
  • Dreams and Purpose - quote from Adaptation
  • Courage - quote from The Princess Diaries
  • Character - quote from Elizabethtown
  • Happiness/Fulfillment - quote from Nicholas Nickleby
  • Change - quote from Dune
  • Choice and Destiny - quotes from Harry Potter and The Matrix
  • Human Interaction - quote from The Philadelphia Story
  • Communication - quote from Rebel Without a Cause

nannyThere is no fee for use of the Reel Life Parenting discussion pages. Please reference the Reel Life Wisdom web source when using these activities in a classroom.

We would appreciate any email comments you can provide regarding the use of these activities with your children or students!